Sunday, 30 October 2011

Indian Yoga- an introduction

the theory of yoga is simple. it states that there is an outer reality and an inner one, and that the human nervous system is the doorway. the fascinating thing about this is that when we do yoga practices such as meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama) and bodily maneuvers (asans, mudras and banhas) in a coordinated way on a regular basis, something happens. we can observe changes inside us. as these inner changes occur, our experience of everyday living is changed in positive ways. so yoga is about much more than theory. it is about practice. it is about cause and effect. over time, the quality of our life can be dramatically transformed by doing yoga practices. we become filled with lasting inner peace and happiness. we come to know that the possibility of achieving "enlightenment" is real- the ultimate destination of every human being. that is what happened as the doorway of our nervous system gradually opens and there is less and less division between our outer and inner realities. in the end, they merge to become one glorious reality of unending joy and then we know that we are home. this is the journey we can all take by choosing to engage in daily yoga practices.
so are you ready for the journey , are you ready for the enlightenment?? come with me we will try to achieve it.

Friday, 28 October 2011

complete 'GITA' in english continues...


here is this army are many heroic bowmen equal in fighting to Bhima and Arjuna, as well as others fighter like Drupada, Virata, Yuydhana.

there are also great heroic, powerful fighters like Dhrstaketu, Cekitana, Kasiraja, Purujit, Kuntibhoja and Saibya.

there are the mighty Yudhamanyu, the very powerful Uttamauja, the son of Subhadra and sons of Draupadi all of whom are certainly great warriors.

o best of the twice born, o best of the brahmanas, let me tell you the great heroes and leaders of our armies who are especially qualified to lead my military force.

there are personalities like you, Bhisma, Karna, Krpacharya, Asvatthama, Vikarna and the son of Somdatta called Bhurisrava, who are always victorious in battle.

there are many other heroes who are expert in the art of warfare and who are prepared to lay down their lives for my sake. they all are armed with various weapons.

our strength is immeasureable, and our army, headed by Bhishma, whereas the strength of the Pandavas , protected by Bhima, is limited.

to be continued...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

complete 'GITA' in english

Dhrtarastra said ' o sanjaya, what did my sons and the sons of Pandu do, after assembling for battle at the holy place of Kurukstera?

The battle of Mahabharata was about to begin. Then father of Duryodhana, 'Dhrtarastra' asked his servent Sanjaya (who got boon to see war of Kurukstera by sitting very far from the actual happenings), his son and his younger brother Pandu's son were at war, what were they doing after assembling in battle field.

Sanjaya said: Looking over the Pandavs soldiers and armies arrayed in military formation, king Duryodhana went to his teacher and spoke

 o revered teacher, please observe the great armies of Pandavas, so prefectly arranged by your intelligent disciple Dhrstadyumna the son of Drupada.

Only so much in this post. i will write whole of the "Gita" shlokas  in my coming blog posts so keep reading..tomorrow i will write further.
                                                 To be continued...